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Lost Souls Of Saturn 'World Of The Wars' (Wolfgang Tillmans Remix) (R&S Records)

As well as being an internationally acclaimed photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans does produce solid techno tracks from time to time. His track 'Device Control' was featured on Frank Ocean’s 2016 album 'Endless' at one point. This remix of Lost Souls Of Saturn, however, shows great potential for Wolfgang to grow into an even more multi-faceted artist.

SIS ‘Nesrib’ (Cécille)

With a bass-heavy rhythm and refreshing vocals to jazz this track up even more, SIS shows he hasn’t lost his touch.

Quadratschulz ‘Maschinen’ (Zeitot)

Quadratschulz is a relatively unknown producer from Hamburg in Germany, but his track 'Maschinen' off his Zeitnot debut EP is something worth talking about. This is quite simply one of the most infectious acid tracks we’ve heard in a while.

Years of Denial ‘Graveyards’ (VEYL)

An intoxicating fusion of industrial and experimental electronica is brought by Years Of Denial. Featuring hazy vocals echoing above the moody bass.

Skantia ‘Cluster’ (RAM)

Skantia, the UK-based d'n'b DJ, brings this intense track with rolling bass-driven melodies and a high-tempo. ‘Cluster’ was hotly anticipated and didn’t fail to disappoint the underground arena.

Unknown – 'Lovelee Dae' (DJ TABLEDANCE S3NS3TIVE 3DIT) (Warning)

Turning ‘Lovelee Dae’ into a heads-down electro groover, DJ TABLEDANCE surfaces this as a shimmering, elated rework made for a euphoric Sunday morning in the club.

Baltra feat 박혜진 park hye jin ‘Ahead Of Time (Edit)’ (96 And Forever)

There it is again. That beautiful Amen Break. Baltra has surpassed a lot of expectations as a musician as of recent times, breaking away from his lo-fi house roots and producing more complex electronic melodies. He teamed up with Korean techno DJ, singer and songwriter 박혜진 park hye jin on 'Ahead Of Time', an upbeat foray into Baltra’s discography.

Unglued feat MC Conrad ‘Born In ’94’ (Hospital)

With a serious sub-bass and festival vibe featuring legendry vocals from MC Conrad, its certain this banger will keep the crowds busy into the early the hours of the morning.

David Lohlein ‘Altai’ (Vision Ekstase)

The rhythm-heavy EP opener ‘Altai’ features a hypnotic vocal sample and vibrant beats. David Lohlein brings something exciting to the electronic music scene.

박혜진 park hye jin ‘ABC’ (Clip Art)

The South Korean singer and techno DJ blends elements of dream-state house and psychedelic vocals to generate this effortless and calming melody.

Benny L ‘Vantablack’ (Metalheadz)

Benny L creates d'n'b like no other and with this inimitable instrumental ‘Vantablack’ he showcases his hard-hitting sounds ready to captivate the rudest crowds.

Eats Everything ‘Space Raiders (Charlotte de Witte remix)’ (Kneaded Pain)

Belgium’s Charlotte de Witte has risen up the rankings in the past year. This remix of Eats Everything’s 'Space Raiders' is a dark and frantic scramble of sounds, cementing the tune as a dancefloor weapon.

Jayda G ‘Move To The Front’ (Disco mix) (Ninja Tune)

Packed with classic disco and house, the Canadian artist includes her own vocals on this dance track and draws directly to her experiences of a DJ.

CZ wang and Neo Image ‘Just Off Wave’ (Mood Hut)

CZ Wang teams up with Neo Image in this West Coast chilled-out party starter. With drowsy chords and trippy vocals this is a blissful groove fit for raves.

Minimal Violence ‘June Anthem’ (Technicolour)

Minimal Violence’s 'June Anthem' is enough to turn anyone's brain to a gooey mush. The female duo from Vancouver are responsible for one of the heaviest and hardest hitting tunes of 2019. What more could you ask for?

Slikback and Hyph11E ‘ISHU’ (SVBKVLT)

Slikback and Hyph11E create this wild and hectic rhythm with sweltering metallic noise and an industrial beat.

Adam Pits and Lisene ‘Skill Shot’ (Seven Hills)

Frantic and hyper aware energy fills this busting collab. Adam Pits comes back with his impressive jungle and rave momentum bringing a track that almost topples over with force.

K-LONE ‘Sine Language’ (Wisdom Teeth)

K-LONE brings sheer creativity to UK underground music, building 'Sine Language' out of minimal drum infusions and dusky electro influences.

VTSS ‘Bring The Noise’ (Repitch Recordings)

The Polish DJ is known for her dark energy and tenacious ravey vibes and this is certainly seen in ‘Bring The Noize’. Featuring an absurd bassline, this one gets heads banging.

Code Walk ‘Touch’ (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

The young Danish duo Code Walk delivered the first release of the year for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with this atmospheric track, showcasing the producers' individual take on techno.

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