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Yurufuwa Gang on self-tattooing and their inimitable style

Japanese hip hop duo and Ryan Hemsworth collaborators talk us through their style inspirations

  • interview: Sean Griffiths | Photography: JJUN YOKOYAMA
  • 1 August 2019

Nene (left, above): My jacket is by a brand called Black Eye Patch. It’s actually meant to be a guy’s jacket but I like oversized clothing. I really like the colour of the jacket too. It’s quite feminine and it’s reversible so I can wear it in different ways.

Ryugo (right, above): My outfit is Black Eye Patch too. I wouldn’t usually wear a hat like this but the guy who runs Black Eye Patch wears one like this every day. I think the hat really suits London, though. I’ve got a kind of London gent look going on!

Ryugo: We love shopping in Tokyo, but it’s hard as we’re getting more recognisable. I still love to go to my local vintage store in Ibaraki, though.

Nene: Black Eye Patch is a Japanese brand that’s quite underground but we think it’s going to become really big, kind of like Supreme. The people behind it are working really hard to bring it to the world. The rapper YG wears it in loads of his videos.

Ryugo: I like the suit because it’s oversized. I love baggy oversized styles in general, although I do wear sharp skinny things sometimes too.

Nene: My dress is by a brand called Skoot Apparel. I found the brand on Instagram because Billie Eilish was wearing it. You can adjust the length of the dress with straps, which I really like as it can be quite casual or you can make it more dressy.

Nene: Skoot Apparel got famous via Instagram. I find a lot of fashion inspiration there, when I see something I like I just save the post.

Nene: We’re both wearing white Nikes today. Mine are the new Air Max 720s while Ryugo’s wearing Air Force 1s. I always wear Nike but I wear different colourways sometimes. The white’s really fresh. Ryugo loves Air Force 1s.

Nene: People always say they think the people in Japan are super stylish and I think that’s because we care about the little details a lot. We prioritise craftsmanship and really care about getting a look right.

Ryugo: People in London are cool too. I like UK style in general, we’ve seen quite a few punkish people. I saw a guy wearing shoes with the toes cut out at a show yesterday.

Nene: We love the LA style, casual but cool. We went to loads of vintage stores and love digging in them until you find something good.

Nene: I got my first tattoo when I was in high school at 16 or 17. I’m 24 now and I don’t know how many I have! I got this Teletubbies tattoo because I used to watch it as a kid and it reminds me of my childhood.

Ryugo: We have a tattoo gun and we’ve started tattooing each other. Plus we both have a matching alien tattoo by an artist also called Nene from LA who’s tattooed Lil Pump and Ty Dolla $ign.

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