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May: six artists you need to check out this month

Giving you texture-driven techno and weightless house

  • Words: Carré Orenstein, Charlie Case, Kamila Rymajdo, Louis Anderson-Rich, Michael Lawson, Tom McGivan
  • 16 May 2017
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You might not think of the Danish city of Aarhus as one of dance music’s main outposts, but its dance scene is bubbling. Help Recordings is the label making a name for the city, home to Natal Zaks, aka Central. Since his debut EP in 2014 he’s put out a string of records under a handful of different aliases, touching on everything from weightless house to downbeat techno. Dekmantel signed two of his EPs and invited him to perform at the opening of its Amsterdam festival last year.

‘Partners 003’ is out on Partners now

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