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September: 18 albums you need to hear this month

Wrap your ears around these

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 9 September 2016
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Glass Animals 'How To Be A Human Being' (Wolf Tone)

Glass Animals’ tropical-tinted debut ‘Zaba’ met with mixed reviews, but the Oxford quartet sound more interesting and original on this follow-up. Lead single ‘Life Itself’ is cool and confident, its bouncy bongo drums mixing with bold oriental melodies. ‘Youth’ follows suit, boasting bizarre chords, before ‘Season 2 Episode 3’ showcases frontman Dave Bayley’s experimental lyricism: “My girl eats mayonnaise from a jar while she’s getting blazed” is brilliantly nonsensical wordplay. ‘Pork Soda’ and ‘Cane Shuga’ are both delightfully odd, ‘The Other Side Of Paradise’ is built around a hip hop structure and intriguing closer ‘Agnes’ has stadium-sized potential. Nobody else sounds like them right now.


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