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Selects: Hito hands over 10 of her strongest techno selections

The Japanese, Berlin-based selector preps for CRSSD Festival

  • Valerie Lee
  • 13 September 2017

Her small stature and unassuming appearance might make it a surprise to find out that Japanese native Hito is an absolutely lethal techno selector. After building up a deep record collection and fine-tuning her DJ abilities, she moved to Berlin in 1999 and became fascinated with the emotional and dark sounds of techno - especially of the vinyl variety. Since, she's become adopted into Richie Hawtin's coveted ENTER. family and is also a Model 1 ambassador.

Hito is arriving in San Diego for CRSSD Festival on September 30 and October 1, but ahead of the show, she's brought 10 of her most favorite rotations for a sharp and complex playlist of techno weapons.

Find more information and tickets to CRSSD Festival here

Get into it below.

Julian Jeweil 'Rolling'

"I always begin with this track as it's so good to start the night with."

Drunken Kong 'Sky High'

"'Sky High' is from Japanese DJ duo Drunken Kong. It's groovy, high impact and has a super kick!"

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