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LELO Siri 3: A sex toy that syncs with music

The luxury adult toy company’s new music-responsive stimulator passes the vibe check

  • Words: Alix Fox | In association with LELO
  • 1 March 2024

If you've ever felt so strongly about a piece of music that you'd like to connect with it on the most intimate level, then the LELO Siri 3 may be the product for you. This sound-sensitive sex toy has been designed to synchronise with your sultriest Spotify playlist; vibrate along with your vinyl; or reverberate in response to you or your lover’s voice.

It invites you to lose yourself within music, surrender to the beat and literally cum on, feel the noize, in a whole new immersive, interactive and erotic way. Are you ready for the synth patch in Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love’ to bring you to KORGasm? To whip yourself into an absolute 808 State of ecstasy as ‘Pacific 202’ builds to a soaring crescendo-oh-ohh?

The Siri 3 is able to respond to vocals and musical frequencies in real time, and instantly translate them into vibrations, thanks to being equipped with LELO’s trademark SoundSense technology. This utilises a pair of microphones built into the toy’s palm-size, pebble-shaped construction. The first mic has a noise filtration function: it hones in on songs and speech, while cancelling out undesirable background sounds. It then sends these cleaned-up signals to the second mic, which syncs them to the vibrator’s motor. The result? It’ll get you off to Prince’s ‘Get Off’, without any awkward interruptions or interference from a whirring air conditioner or the beeping of a reversing bin lorry outside (not the type of hot filth you ordered).

In addition to this focused sound recognition, the Siri 3 also features automatic gain control. This means that even if you like your tunes cranked up to 11, the vibrator will still follow rhythms precisely, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the loud input and collapsing into one long drone of fuzzed perma-buzz. On the flip side, if you prefer your soundtrack more subtle – or you like your pillow talk to be seductively whispered – the toy will amplify that faint volume into powerful pulses.

If all this seems more sophisticated than an Ambassador’s reception, it’s par for the course for LELO. Pronounced “LAY-low”, the Swedish brand’s name is an acronym for Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects, and it's known for developing high-end kit for your low-down parts, incorporating luxe materials; top level tech; and stunningly ergonomic, sculptural aesthetics. In 2014, LELO became the first pleasure product company to bag a Cannes Lion design award, and they’ve been collecting prizes like Pokémon ever since.

As its title suggests, the Siri 3 is the third iteration of this particular LELO love machine, and it has a host of additional upgrades on top of the proprietary SoundSense mechanics. Siri models sports eight pre-set vibration pattern settings, each inspired by a musical genre such as techno, classical, jazz, or folk (the ‘having a fiddle’ jokes write themselves). The Siri 3 can be set to run at whatever strength suits you, from a gentle murmuring caress, to an impressively intense, euphoria-inducing, super-charged buzz the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act was enacted in ‘94. It's waterproof to grade IPX7, meaning that it can be fully submerged in up to a metre of H2O for 30 minutes – far more than sufficient for bathroom-based bliss. It’s USB rechargeable, giving around two hours of action from a charge of the same length, and comes in three colours: Calm Lavender, Soft Pink, and Pistachio Cream, which I can’t decide whether I want to lick or paint on my walls.

The £139 price point is a suitable reflection of the Siri 3’s quality and finesse, and includes a year-long warranty during which LELO will send you a free replacement if any problems crop up, followed by a quality guarantee that covers the toy for a further decade. Sound.


  • The Siri 3 is billed as a clitoral stimulator, but this versatile vibe is also suitable for use in all sorts of delicious ways for multiple genders: you can trace it over nipples; press it against the perineum; run it up and down inner thighs… The only thing you must not do is insert it anally: any toys used to explore inside the backdoor must have a safely flared base to prevent them from accidentally getting lost inside the anal passage, which can require surgical intervention.
  • To switch off the Siri 3, press and hold the + and – buttons. This also locks the toy, so it won’t go off accidentally, when travelling, for example – nobody wants their Uber rating to suffer because the driver thought they were carrying a handbag full of murder hornets.
  • This toy is crafted with premium soft-touch silicone, which glides beautifully on the skin, but I still recommend adding lashings of water-based lubricant. There’s zero shame in grabbing a tube of lube.
  • LELO have curated their own ‘LELO Vibes’ playlist on Spotify to accompany the Siri 3, and it’s genuinely a goodun. It does feature a version of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, however, which shouldn’t happen provided you follow my earlier advice about safe usage.

The Siri 3 is priced at £139, buy it here

This month LELO is giving away 1000 toys and special discounts to email subscribers, sign up here for a chance to win

Alix Fox is a freelance writer, broadcaster and sex expert, follow her on Instagram

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