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Review: AKG’s new line of headphones allow users to go anywhere with studio sound

Mixmag and Cry Baby test out the new line of consumer headphones in Brooklyn

  • In Association with AKG
  • 2 November 2018

Since its inception, AKG has supplied audio professionals with innovative tools for hearing and creating their preferred sonic textures. However today the company is branching out and expanding its reach with a new line of consumer aimed headphones that takes the best of what AKG has to offer in the studio and brings it into everyday life.

Consisting of the the N700NC, Y500 and Y100, the new line of premium consumer headphones promises a "balanced and true-to-life" listening experience for audiophiles and music enthusiasts everywhere. With a strong emphasis on crisp and clean sound, adaptive noise canceling features, wireless connectivity and ultimate portability, these headphones have all the necessary specification, but how would they hold up in real life?

With the new line of headphones having been freshly unveiled, Mixmag took the opportunity to put the technology to the test, taking each model out into the streets of Brooklyn to fully experience what the headphones have to offer. For this special review session we tapped DJ and producer Cry Baby, affiliate of FM Elle, Nervous Records, and Output Brooklyn, to use the gear in a selection of diverse locations that thoroughly tested all the new features.

Whether in the noisey subway, shopping for groceries, walking down busy streets or casually listening at home, AKG’s N700NC, Y500 and Y100 are ideal companions that compliment the sound of your favorite track.

Read on to find out more.


“Very comfortable - I usually have a lot of anxiety on public transportation and loud areas. These headphones’ noise-canceling technology helped calm me and focus a lot on the music. I felt like my head was clear - and the noise cancellation was so good I didn’t hear the photographer talking to me or any of the voices on the train while I was listening to the music.”

Purchase is available here


“The sound was incredible and I spent all day running errands around NYC and didn’t once run out of battery. I really liked that when I went to take the headphones off to order coffee the music automatically stopped and when i put them on the music resumed seamlessly!”

Purchase is available here


“I liked that these headphones has pretty much the same sound as the other two models but so much smaller and more portable. Very crisp, comfortable and nice clear sound. Its design also made it impossible for the headphone chords to get tangled which was awesome!”

Purchase is available here

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