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Review: Sasha and John Digweed's first Ibiza b2b since 2009

The duo made a welcome return to Resistance at Privilege

  • Johnny Lee
  • 1 August 2017
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Chris Stussy 'Keep Moving'

We step inside the Main Hanger just before 11pm. This is the biggest Void Acoustics system in clubland. Dark. Menacing. Loud. That high ceiling. Those fat chrome girders. The sweeping mezzanine balcony held aloft by a galvanised rack of six or seven or eight gigantic fans, the huge rotor blades working overtime to prevent this great venue from overheating.

Matador 'Sunsets'

It’s a raw scene, made all the more industrial by the Funktion-One Vero system over in the Vista, which right now might just be the biggest, baddest sound rig on the planet. A thundering monster held in place by gigantic military specification bolts that reach down into the earth’s core. It has to be this way; otherwise the system will take off, lifting Privilege into the furthest reaches of the cosmos like some creaking sci-fi spacecraft designed by Hollywood director Ridley Scott.

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