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Produced with love: Joey Negro is riding the recent disco revival

The UK institution is back with a new album

  • Bill Brewster
  • 7 July 2017

Dave Lee is the last man standing. There are very few DJs and producers left from the early years of British house, but Lee continues to thrive, still DJing, remixing and making dance music. Under a dazzling variety of aliases – Sessomatto, Akabu, The Sunburst Band, Hed Boys, Jakatta and most famously Joey Negro – he’s been producing music since 1988, clocking up hundreds of classic remixes along the way, as well as several chart hits.

Lee’s love of disco has always infused his music, originally in his use of samples and nowadays in the form of carefully curated compilations, and his latest album, ‘Produced With Love’, is no exception, drawing on the entire history of the genre and bringing it completely up to date.

These days, ensconced in his home studio in north London, he runs his own label Zedd, the primary outlet for most of his original music (as well as some brilliant and esoteric reissue albums). He’s a one-man dance music industry. As yet another disco renaissance is upon us, we caught up with Lee to discuss his first proper Joey Negro album since 1993’s ‘Universe Of Love’, Jocelyn Brown’s timekeeping and the mandatory use of pseudonyms.

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