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Pollen is the groundbreaking platform for elevating your experiences

Offering rewards you can't get anywhere else, Pollen has become an essential marketplace

  • In association with Pollen
  • 9 January 2020

In today’s world, more and more people have a desire to live an enriched and fulfilling life, whether that’s getting backstage at a music festival, being ground level at a sporting event, getting special VIP access at a nightclub or going on a unique trip where the experience is curated especially for you.

Shared experiences with friends...

Let’s be honest, this sort of access can be hard to come by and is often highly sought after but today there are ways to ensure the maximum potential of these occasions. Enter Pollen, a platform that is revolutionizing the way you can elevate the experience with you and your friends.

Pollen is a platform that connects engaged and outgoing people with a selection of the top experiences in the world that they can then share with their networks and by doing so, elevate their experiences like never before. If you're the type of person who enjoys gathering your crew for a big event, then it's easy to use Pollen to get even more out of the experience -- whether it's a festival, travel getaway, or just a night at the club.

Earn rewards to your favorite music festivals, nightclubs and travel destinations...

Say you’re planning to hit a major music festival this summer, like Electric Zoo or Lightning in a Bottle, and you’ve gathered interest from a dozen or more of your closest friends. Use Pollen to invite your friends to get tickets and in return get complimentary passes, a VIP upgrade or even backstage access, an aspect of the festival that was previously unattainable, at least without breaking the bank. The same applies to 100's of concerts, events and vacations that you and your friends already go to as well. As a member of Pollen, you get to hook your network up with special perks for the event only available to their members, making it a win-win for everyone. Perks include free drinks, special pricing, skip-the-line entry and access to Pollen lounges at select events throughout the year.

Today this marketplace is making a strong impact for thousands of the most passionate and influential individuals who are after amazing experiences that are elevated in unique and exciting ways.

“We want Pollen to be the best channel to buy products and experiences,” says Liam Negus-Fancey, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder of Pollen. “That’s why we’ve always given rewards that are tied to the experience rather than cash, to ensure it’s an authentic recommendation. We’re focused on what would the world feel like if millions of people used Pollen - it has to be driven by passion.”

With the amount of access given to Pollen users and the rewards that go beyond anything offered in the industry, the platform is currently having a strong influence on the way individuals purchase tickets and share experiences. It’s safe to say that maximizing these types of experiences is a top priority in today’s age, and Pollen is leading the community into the future.

For all the important information, head over to the Pollen website.

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