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Take a look around disco duo PBR Streetgang's studio

See how they made their new album 'Late Night Party Line'

  • Photo: Jody Hartley
  • 22 January 2018

We spoke to UK disco duo PBR Streetgang on the making of 'Everything Changes', the lead song from their new LP.

Check out the images below to see what they made the album with.

What inspired the track?

The inspiration comes from being huge admirers of bands such as The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean.
It started out life almost as an ode to that New York punk-disco sound: the original was a six or seven-minute instrumental, but we knew it stood out and could be improved by great lyrics. We drew up a shortlist of dream people we wanted to work with, and Mattie Safer from The Rapture was at the top. We were pinching ourselves when he said yes.

How did you finish it?

The drums were initially all in the box [Ableton drum racks] and a few parts were sent out to the dbx 160 compressor. The bass sound is a bass guitar patch which has been run though a bass amp simulator to give it the desired sound. Next we started working on the slow acid sound that runs through the track, and the rising and falling synth lines for the choruses. All of that was done on a Novation Bass Station II and a Jen SX-1000, and created from live takes – we just improvised and tweaked as we worked, then edited it to fit some kind of arrangement afterwards. We continued building it up, layer by layer, until we were happy. I think we later added some stab sounds from the Roland Juno-106 that we ran through a Lexicon Alex effects processor, but really, it was all done using the Jen and the Bass Station. Mattie recorded his vocals at his studio in New York, and we then mixed them at our studio in Leeds. Mattie is such a pro that very little needed to be done to them, because they were so good already – just some light EQ and compression using Ableton’s EQ Eight plug-in and a Waves 1176 emulation [plug-in], to glue everything together.

The album 'Late Night Party Line' by PBR Streetgang is out January 26 on Skint/BMG

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