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Old-skool rave artwork that will send you on a kaleidoscopic trip

So many colours

  • Dave Turner
  • 9 February 2018

If old-skool rave tunes were sweets, they'd have to be Skittles, right? Swirling with colour and frenzied enough to send you way up on an E number-induced high.

Happy hardcore and trance tunes know a thing or two about illumination, with frantic pianos and whizzing synths conjuring up a wide-eyed kaleidoscope of club-ready colours.

Obviously something so whacky on the ears needs something equally bonkers on the eyes, so it's no surprise some of the artwork over the years wouldn't be out of place inside the mind of an LSD user.

Scooter, Marusha, Snap! and RMB all feature below.

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Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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