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October: Six artists you need to check out this month

Arty but irreverent techno to danceable ambient sound pieces

  • Words: Aurora Mitchell, Charlie Case, Louis Anderson-Rich, Patrick Hinton, Amy Fielding, Will Simpson | Photography: James Reilly, João Viegas, Maxime Robillard, Karis Kennedy
  • 28 September 2017


Informed by a love for dubstep, the dubby, grainy side of his Dad’s music collection and the camp flair of the records his Mum played, 22 year old Leeds located producer Chekov has carved out a distinctive and personal sound. With piercing claves, coarse feedback, rib-shaking bass and vertigo-inducing arps, he makes some of the most wonky techno going right now. His debut release has just arrived via Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs, titled ‘Rotlicht’, the German word for red light. It’s dedicated to a luminous source that exists at a queer party in Leeds close to his heart.

‘Rotlicht’ is out now on Peach Discs

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