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Eight New York day parties that will make your summer go off

'Tis the season to take it outdoors

  • Shaquina Blake
  • 2 June 2016

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: day party season.

You know the scene. Sun on your face, bevy in hand, DJ goin’ off to a smiling, up-for-it crowd. There's something about the day party that brings out the best in all of us. And no one does it better than Brooklyn.

The scene here is known for being DIY, eclectic, fresh and exciting. And day parties are no different. Whether it’s dancing on rooftops, cruising the Hudson or getting down in a pop-up venue, from May through to October raves are thrown in every corner of the borough.

So here’s our guide to the promoters who will make this summer season the best.


“We not only showcase reputable names but we are constantly on the search for upcoming cutting-edge and not-so-well known artists."

Nektarios Ioannidis didn’t give much thought to the name when ReSolute first started throwing parties in 2007: “It was just a playful etymological brainstorming.” But as time wore on, “The name became so much more meaningful and so appropriate. I think it really set the tone for us.”

ReSolute has earned a rep for putting on some of the longest-running parties and afterhours gigs. Each usually starts before midnight and flows straight to into the next day's evening hours. Production is also on point and booked in unique, latent locations.

“It’s a party that explores not only music, but also urban spaces - roofs, boats, trains, basements, gardens, warehouses, lofts, galleries, alleys, trains, you name it," Ioannidis explains.

This summer ReSolute will host a series of daytime events that include, but are definitely not limited to rooftop and boat parties.

ReSolute kicked off the season with its traditional yearly rooftop party at Output

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