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November: 18 albums you need to hear this month

Pangaea, Romare, Mandar and more

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 4 November 2016
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Danny Brown 'Atrocity Exhibition' (Warp)

Inspired by Björk, Joy Division and System Of A Down, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ is Danny Brown’s Warp debut, having left Fool’s Gold due to “creative freedom” restraints. The Detroit-born punk-rapper enlists some colossal guest features: ‘Really Doe’ with Kendrick Lamar is raucous and rowdy, Evian Christ’s production pushes ‘Pneumonia’ to its invasive limits and future-r’n’b star Kelela gifts her soul over ‘From The Ground’. Elsewhere, ‘Downward Spiral’ is a bad trip bursting with clanging drums, ‘Ain’t It Funny’ boasts Brown’s unmatchable flow and closer ‘Hell For It’ is a powerful mission statement. A thematic sequel to 2011 breakout mixtape ‘XXX’, Danny Brown remains rap’s most unique force.


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