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Northern soul parties were the original all-nighters

We've got the the pictures to prove it

  • Dave Turner
  • 13 January 2018

Long before ecstasy arrived to spark a wide-eyed, jaw-gyrating musical movement in the UK, Northern soul parties were the places to be for all-nighters in the '60s.

With a little help of amphetamines, northerners into soul records, old and new, originating from the United States often partied way into the next day, with the frenzied, sweat-inducing dancing on an importance par with the tunes being played.

There's a bunch of clubs integral to the northern soul story, from The Twisted Wheel in Manchester to Wigan Casino, and, luckily, photographers were in and among the madness to capture it.

Below are some classic northern soul photos.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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