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Melé talks his love of Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok and Stussy

The percussive house maestro guides us through his style

  • Words: Sean Griffiths | Photos: Max Miechowski / Fanatic
  • 25 May 2018

I’m wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket today. It’s one of my favourite labels now, especially for jackets. I got into it first through buying vintage stuff.

I bought this XXL Nike Air Jordan fleece to wear on the plane to Australia. I wanted something comfy to sleep in and have ended up wearing it all the time. I’ve worn it back home on The Wirral and you should see the looks I get!

I wear a Larson & Jennings watch. My dad’s really into watches but I don’t get people who spend thousands on a Rolex. This is a really nice, simple design and goes with most of my outfits.

I’ve really got into buying stuff on ASOS. I was spending so much on branded stuff, but for plain, oversized white T-shirts
or chinos ASOS is great.

A couple of years back, me and my girlfriend at the time were really into trainers; we must have had about 200 pairs. When I moved house I cut down to about 20 pairs. I mainly stick to wearing white or black Reeboks.

My trainers are Reebok. I’ve been into them since I was a kid. I got into vintage Pumps and Shaqs a couple of years ago, picking them up in LA and New York at vintage shops.

I like to be comfortable, so I wear jogging bottoms a lot – especially when travelling. Reebok’s new tailored joggers are great.

After Reebok, Stussy is the brand I’m most loyal to. They’re so consistent. I’ve got some pretty wavy stuff. I’ve got one with loads of skulls on and a jumper with a weird black and white tie-dye design. I probably wouldn’t wear either if they weren’t Stussy.

I was really into 50 Cent in 2003 and bought an oversized G-Unit tee from a shop in Birkenhead Market. I had a baby blue Ecko Unltd trackie top from there too!

The clothes I regret most are from around 18 when I first started DJing. There’s shots of me in brown shoes and a brown Louis Vuitton jumper. What the fuck was I thinking?

Liverpool’s definitely influenced my style. Last week I played a Defected night; I had a Lacoste polo shirt on, and someone was like, ‘Why are you wearing a polo shirt?’ I was like, ‘What do you mean? This is a Lacoste polo, mate!’ That brand was huge in Liverpool. You’d see people in bright red Lacoste tracksuits, but that was a bit far for me.

I started wearing glasses at 16. It was a bit annoying to start with. I couldn’t imagine not wearing them now; they’re part of my look and identity. These are Paul Smith.

A$AP Rocky is one of my style icons. A few years ago, when the North Face x Supreme collab came out, he wore the leopard print Nuptse jacket. He looked so cool.

I got into buying vintage in New York and LA. They’re not so bothered about the stuff we like, so you can get it cheaper. Now I buy a lot of stuff like Tommy Hilfiger shirts on

I talk to Ryan [Mella Dee] about clothes a lot. He wears patterned trousers I can’t get away with. When I first met him I thought ‘What the fuck is he wearing?’ Fashion’s caught up with him now.

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