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May: 16 house releases you need to hear this month

House for the weekend

  • Mash
  • 5 May 2017

Album of the month

Weaving Genres 'Mixed By Hector Romero' (Nervous Records)

We’re well aware of Nervous Records and its history of seminal releases (not to mention its ubiquitous t-shirts and record bags, too). Here, Hector Romero shows us the label remains on point in 2017 with this debut mix. Romero has been DJing since the 80s and works as A&R for Def Mix and Saw Recordings, so he definitely knows what works: he kicks off with Louis Vega’s shimmering disco edit of ‘Bourgie Bourgie’, switches to Fred Everything’s broken remix of Joi Cardwell and DJ Gomi, and then hits hard with the Latin tones of Peppe Citarella. His bass-heavy collaboration with Benji Candelario and Michelle Rivera, meanwhile, is one of the release’s standout moments. This is an impressively dexterous mix that constantly evolves through different styles, and showcases Nervous’ enviable stature.


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