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May: 10 trance tunes you need to hear this month

Here's your trance, now dance

  • Ellie Hanagan
  • 4 May 2017

Album of the month

Andrew Rayel 'Moments' (Armada)

For the last three years, Andrew Rayel has been touring nonstop – and that’s something that’s reflected in his latest LP. Following on from 2014’s ‘Find Your Harmony’, his second artist album is all about the energy and doesn’t include any downtempo tracks whatsoever. Lead track ‘I’ll Be There’, featuring Eric Lumiere, sets the tone for the album with its its reverberating bassline and bouncy beat. The rest of the LP is just as good for singing along to as it is for dancing to: Emma Hewitt and Christina Novelli also provide powerful vocals and, if that wasn’t already enough, Andrew has collaborated with ATB and Jochen Miller too. Unlike most artist albums, ‘Moments’ isn’t really a journey; it’s more a collection of anthems that’ll make you want to stay on the dancefloor.


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