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March: 20 techno releases you need to hear this month

Strap in

  • Marcus Barnes
  • 10 March 2017

Album of the month

Artefakt 'Kinship' (Delsin)

Here’s some sultry, measured techno delivered by undoubtedly one of the finest purveyors of this style of music, Delsin Records. Artefakt are Robin Koek and Nick Lapien, who share a love of the kind of hypnotic, voodoo music which is the order of the day here. From those first tentative steps into ‘Kinship’ you can feel a sense of serenity, combined with a desire to lead you away from life’s ups and downs. A soothing atmosphere pervades as we’re led into the feather-light ‘Tapestry’, before things get slightly more energetic with ‘Entering The City’, which has more oomph but is still dreamlike and wistful. Prepare to have your eardrums massaged by beauties such as ‘Fernweh’, with its funky bassline, and ‘Return To Reason’, the LP’s toughest track which uses acid licks to great effect. This is a cast-iron winner, and a triumph for all involved.


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