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March: 18 albums you need to hear this month

Daniel Avery, Moby, D Double E and more

  • Words: Mixmag Crew | Photo: Rhodri Brooks
  • 1 March 2018
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Fischerspooner 'Sir' (Ultra)

Fischerspooner released their last album nine years ago, but ‘Sir’ is a bold and brassy return. Helmed by Beyoncé producer Boots and REM’s Michael Stipe, it is (in the band’s words) an “aggressively homosexual” album. Candid and acrobatic vocals recall doing it in the backroom on ‘Dark Pink’, needing to be saved on ‘Stranger Strange’ and coming together sweetly on ‘Have Fun Tonight’. Tracks range from stomping and libidinous anthems such as ‘Everything Is Just Alright’ to the tortured and sadistic ‘Strut’, and sounds like transmissions from the future throughout. There’s also neon-lit r’n’b, frazzled avant-pop and brooding Depeche Mode updates, and the whole album drips with a palpable sense of lust and intensity. Kristan J Caryl


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