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Mall Grab is the Australian producer who made house music loads of fun in 2016

Releases on Hot Haus Recs and Hokkaido Dance Club have really elevated his worth

  • Patrick Swift
  • 21 December 2016

“Dance music is supposed to be about fun,” 23-year-old Jordan Alexander tells us. “It’s such an issue these days. A lot of people aren’t willing to just enjoy themselves and focus on the moment – instead, they’re Snapchatting the whole night.”

This no-nonsense approach, alongside killer releases and a busy schedule, has seen Mall Grab become the poster boy of the blossoming lo-fi house sound in 2016. Hailing from New South Wales, the 23-year-old Australian has been impossible to miss, and has relocated to London due to high European demand for his fun-filled, on-point DJ sets.

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