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LSB joined the drum 'n' bass major players in 2016

The long-standing soulful d’n’b producer finally got the recognition he deserves

  • Dave Jenkins
  • 19 December 2016

It’s 2016 and d’n’b remains an exciting, diverse, yet divisive world. At a chart-bothering level you have collabs with your mum’s favourite pop bands that no real fan cares about. On a club-busting level the genre is dominated by complex, technical neuro that hits hard but is rarely memorable or translates outside the rave experience. Then, running counterpoint is a movement that’s been doing its own thing with unhurried soulful confidence for years. A deeper, restrained sound that isn’t pristinely produced to digital perfection and doesn’t adhere to the arrangements of high-impact triple-dropping sets. A sound that’s been there all along (see Calibre, High Contrast, Marcus Intalex, Marky) but is enjoying a new thrust of activity with some of the warmest yet rawest and most memorable rollers made since liquid d’n’b’s golden era.

“Vibe-wise that golden mid-2000s era will always inspire me,” explains LSB, aka Luke Beavon, a 34-year-old Tottenham fan, French bulldog owner and maker of warm/raw rollers such as ‘The View’, ‘About Tonight’, ‘If You’re Here’ and ‘Walking Blues’. “It’s hard to assess my own position, or the impact of the type of d’n’b I’m making, but yeah – nights do seem busier and there is more of a buzz, I have to admit.”

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