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Life on the edge: Danny Daze on risking his life with a serious heart condition every time he DJs

The energetic artist opens up on living with a severe, life-threatening heart condition

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 24 February 2017

Touring DJs are known to live life in the fast lane. The aggressive routine is made up of global jet-setting, tremendous partying and days on end with no sleep. It's enough to push any average person to the edge.

For Omnidisc label founder Danny Daze, the stakes are higher - he has lived with a severe heart condition called Bradycardia for most of his life.

Bradycardia causes the heart to beat at a rate lower than normal. Daze discloses that his rests at only 35 beats per minute, dauntingly half of the standard speed. If the Miami producer's hits anywhere above or below this pace, it could kill him.

"Thankfully I have it under control," Danny assures. "But it came with a bit of a scare a couple of years ago when I fainted on an airplane. I found out I had deep vein thrombosis from traveling so often." The artist takes baby Ibuprofen every day to keep his blood thin and flowing, also making sure to eat as healthy as possible on the road.

"There's not one particular thing that is more hazardous than the other," he admits, talking about aspects of the DJ lifestyle. "It's a combination of all the things put together that create a dangerous environment. Mental health is also something to take into consideration. It's easy to think this is a full time party, people don't see the back end of it. Something as simple as being on the road alone for long periods of time can have a huge effect on you."

But one of the biggest risks occurs when the he gets on the decks. Daze is astoundingly passionate in his craft, famous for extremely intense, energetic sets despite his potentially life-threatening illness.

So how does one of the most in-demand figures in dance music keep his heart steady when he's performing?

"I don't. I just do my thing and hope for the best. There's no possible way for me to keep a normal heart rate when I'm DJing. I wouldn't trust someone who could."

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