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Label Focus: Hessle Audio

The shape-shifting label that has helped redefine UK club music

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 14 November 2016
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10 key releases selected by: Ben UFO and Pearson Sound

TRG 'Broken Heart' (Martyn remix) (HES004)

"This was undoubtedly our breakthrough release. To this date we’ve still never commissioned a remix for the label, but Martyn and TRG had been friends for years and this track basically just landed in our inbox a year or two after the initial 12” came out. Kode9 picked up on it immediately and supported it heavily which gave us a real boost, but this was also our first record to be supported within the house and techno community, which surprised us at the time."

Pangaea 'Router' (HES006)

"In addition to the success of Martyn’s remix, Ricardo Villalobos picked up on HES005 by Ramadanman. Friends of ours sent us videos of him playing ‘Blimey’ in room 1 at fabric pitched down to about -6. We assumed the records were getting to these DJs through the Hard Wax shop in Berlin, and decided to visit the the city to try out D&M for the mastering of HES006. None of us had spent much time in Berlin and it felt exciting that these worlds of music, which we’d previously thought of as being quite different, could be more closely connected. ‘Router’ was hugely popular, to a degree that felt like a step up for our direct circle of friends. People still request it from the dancefloor all the time, eight years later."

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