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KASIA: “I truly love the energy of Romanian crowds”

We catch up with techno prodigy KASIA ahead of her performance at Romania’s UNTOLD Festival next month

  • In partnership with UNTOLD
  • 25 July 2023

KASIA is coming up strong, and that’s not just because of her pummelling productions - her sets have won the hearts of crowds around the world and put her on track to become one of the brightest new stars in techno. From her energetic performances at festivals such as Ultra Miami and RESISTANCE Guatemala to atmospheric sets atop the mountains of Tulum, KASIA’s eclectic shows never miss.

Born in Poland and now experiencing life in the thick of Miami, KASIA has taken heaps of influence from the scenes she shrouds herself in, splitting her time between Ibiza, America’s East Coast, and clubs across Europe. In her quick come-up, the producer, DJ, and drummer has cast a net for different styles of melodic techno pairing hypnotic synthwork with atmospheric pads over punching kicks.

We chatted to KASIA ahead of her next performance at UNTOLD, which takes place from August 3 - 6 in the secluded forest of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where more than 250 acts will come together to celebrate the festival’s eighth edition. KASIA talks Romanian crowds, the scenes between Poland and Miami, and why UNTOLD is one of the most special festivals on this side of the planet. Check it out below.

What inspires your productions currently?

I find my current productions deeply influenced by the places I have the privilege to explore. Travelling extensively exposes me to diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences, which serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Additionally, fellow artists and their captivating music ignite my creativity, sparking new ideas and pushing the boundaries of my own craft. Equally significant is the impact of my personal mood and life circumstances, as they infuse my productions with genuine emotions and depth. Ultimately, this blend of external influences and introspection shapes my creative process, allowing me to deliver unique and resonant works.

How do you usually prepare for a set? Do you like to go off your instincts and react to the crowd? Or do you prepare the set ahead of time?

When preparing for a set, I like to strike a balance between planning and adapting to the crowd. For larger shows, I invest time in curating the overall mood and atmosphere that I want to create. This involves considering the occasion, the specific venue, and the energy I want to convey. However, I also value the importance of reading the crowd and being responsive to their reactions and energy. This allows me to make on-the-spot modifications and adjustments to ensure an engaging and memorable experience for everyone involved. It's a dynamic process that combines careful preparation with the spontaneity of the moment.

Can you tell us about a memorable set for you? Your favourite ever, maybe?

One of my most memorable and favourite sets was when I had the opportunity to play at Burning Man last summer. It was an incredible experience, especially because I had the chance to perform several sunrise sets. The journey itself was part of the adventure, as I had to navigate through the vast playa on a bike to reach my mobile stage in time. During the ride, I encountered a sudden sandstorm that temporarily made me question if I would even make it. The conditions were challenging, and I felt momentarily stuck. However, luck was on my side, as the sandstorm eventually passed, allowing me to continue on my way. Arriving on time, the atmosphere was truly electric. The view over the playa, surrounded by the scorching heat, created an otherworldly setting. The energy radiating from the crowd was palpable, and as I began my set, the synergy between the music and the audience was simply amazing. It was a surreal and exhilarating experience that I'll always cherish as one of my favourites.

You’ll be appearing at UNTOLD Festival this summer - what can fans expect from your set?

I'm excited to return to UNTOLD Festival, this year you can see me on Galaxy Stage. Fans can anticipate incredible energy and a memorable experience during my set. I'll be treating the audience to a unique blend of my unreleased music, combining classical elements with captivating techno sounds. This fusion of genres promises to deliver a dynamic and innovative musical journey. I'm eagerly looking forward to witnessing the audience's reaction and sharing this exhilarating experience with them. Be prepared for an extraordinary performance that will leave a lasting impression at UNTOLD Festival.

You’ve performed at some huge festivals including Ultra Miami in the past, but how does UNTOLD differ from the rest?

Each festival has its own unique qualities and UNTOLD is no exception. What sets UNTOLD apart is the incredible production value and the exceptional professionalism of the festival's team. They pay meticulous attention to detail and ensure that both artists and attendees have an unforgettable experience. One of the things I truly love about UNTOLD is the amazing energy of the Romanian crowd. They bring unmatched enthusiasm and create a vibrant atmosphere that enhances the performances. Additionally, UNTOLD offers a diverse range of music, catering to different tastes and genres. No matter your musical preference, you're likely to find something that resonates with you. What makes UNTOLD even more special is the unique character of each stage. Each one has its own distinctive ambiance, providing a sense of wonder and excitement. The stage designs and immersive elements add an extra layer of enchantment to the performances, making them truly memorable.

How have you found playing Romania in the past and what do you make of the scene there?

Playing in Romania has been an incredible experience for me. The crowd has always been exceptional, bringing such positivity, energy, and a genuine love for music. Romanian music enthusiasts know how to have a great time and create a vibrant atmosphere. Their enthusiasm and passion for music are truly contagious. I've found the people in Romania to be incredibly welcoming and supportive from the festival organisers to the fans, there is a strong sense of community and a genuine appreciation for artists. I've received nothing but warmth and kindness, which adds to the overall enjoyment of performing in Romania. The music scene there is also thriving. There is a rich and diverse array of talented artists and DJs who are pushing boundaries and creating unique sounds, especially in the techno industry with the unique sound named Romanian techno. The scene is vibrant and constantly evolving, embracing various styles. It's inspiring to witness the passion and creativity within the Romanian music scene.

How do the music scenes compare in Poland, where you’re originally from, and Miami where you're based?

In Poland, the music scene is diverse and thriving. There is a strong appreciation for various genres, including electronic music, rock, pop, and traditional Polish music. The scene is rich with talented artists, DJs, and bands who are constantly pushing boundaries and creating innovative sounds. Polish music festivals and events draw enthusiastic crowds, and there is a sense of pride in supporting local talent. The music scene in Poland is known for its authenticity and deep connection to the country's cultural heritage.

On the other hand, Miami has a vibrant and dynamic music scene influenced by its international population. As a melting pot of cultures, Miami offers a wide range of musical styles, from electronic dance music and Latin music to hip-hop and reggae. The city is home to renowned nightclubs, music festivals, and a thriving underground scene. Miami's music scene attracts both established artists and emerging talents from around the world, making it a hub for musical creativity and innovation. While the scenes in Poland and Miami differ in terms of style, cultural context, and scale, they both share a passion for music and provide platforms for artists to showcase their talents. Each scene has its own unique flavour and contributes to the rich tapestry of the global music landscape.

What’s coming up next for you?

Exciting times are ahead as I embark on a new chapter in my music career. Recently, I made the decision to relocate to Europe for some time and establish Ibiza as my home base. After spending a decade in the United States, I am thrilled to delve into the European music industry and embrace fresh opportunities. In the upcoming months, I have an array of shows and festivals on the horizon. Notably, I am eagerly anticipating performances at the Sunrise Festival in Poland, my home country, as well as the highly anticipated UNTOLD Festival. I'm excited to connect with music enthusiasts at various venues throughout Europe, allowing me to forge new connections and share my passion for music. As I immerse myself in music production, my focus remains on pushing the boundaries of creativity. I am delighted to share that my recent release, 'Not Alone', achieved an impressive feat, reaching the ninth position in the Indie Dance releases on Beatport within less than one week of its release. This accomplishment fills me with immense joy and motivates me to continue delivering captivating music. I have even more releases scheduled for later this year, so stay tuned for the exciting surprises that lie ahead.

UNTOLD Festival kicks off on August 3 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Grab your tickets here

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