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June: 21 techno releases you need to hear this month

Floorplan, Clockwork, Makam and more

  • Marcus Barnes
  • 7 June 2017

Album of the month

Staffan Linzatti The Dynamic Dispatch' (Field)

Staffan Linzatti delivers a magnum opus with this huge three-disc LP, which is comprised of 20 intergalactic techno cuts all threaded together to create a rollercoaster of a trip into worlds beyond our own; beyond Trappist-1, even. ‘The Dynamic Dispatch’ veers between short bursts of solemnity and propulsive, galloping cosmic techno. It’s tempting to compare Staffan’s style to that of the great Jeff Mills, such is its focus on exploring deep space-orientated themes. It’s the sound of the future, of world’s yet to be discovered – and mesmerising tracks like ‘Below The Ice’ and ‘Engineering (The Impossible)’ are a perfect example of the intrepid nature of the music. Drama, energy, moments of contemplation, fear and delight are all on offer here.


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