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June: 10 dubstep & grime releases you need to hear this month

Bangers and mash

  • Tomas Fraser
  • 7 July 2016
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Feverkin 'From Your Window EP' (White Peach Records)

White Peach put out records at a rate of knots, but there’s always something that catches our attention. Feverkin’s ‘From Your Window’ is the latest, a beautiful record that looks at dubstep through an ambient, blissed-out lens. The hushed, beatless notes of heartfelt opener ‘I Seek You In The Sky’ set an emotional tone right from the start, before ‘Still Can’t Fall’ ushers in staggered blows of sub, rainfall and a near-hypnotic vocal, courtesy of Nori. The title track works a similar formula, too, with Nori’s voice once again dominating Feverkin’s dreamscape-like sound design, before the hopeful, uptempo ‘Dream Journal’ finds itself at odds with the quiet melancholy of final track ‘Overthought’. A gorgeous, emotional 12”.


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