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June: 10 drum 'n' bass releases you need to hear this month

Drums, bass and vibes

  • Ewen Cook
  • 1 June 2016

Album of the month

Emperor 'Dispositions' (critical)

Conor Corrigan has been hurting club systems and bone structures ever since 2012’s ‘Monolith’ crashed into our chest cavities, and Kasra’s Critical label has greedily hoovered up most of his d’n’b output since. His debut LP ‘Dispositions’ illustrates the ceaseless creativity possible within hardstyle tech and neuro-funk structures: scorching synth waves of intricately detailed texture, hypnotically warm wrap-around bass and gorgeously weighted spacious loping grooves. With a minimum amount of collaborations, these 16 tracks reveal an artist who’s more than living up to his ambitious name.


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