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Dubstep & Grime

July: 9 dubstep & grime releases you need to hear this month

Preditah, Blay Vision, Compa and more

  • Tomas Fraser
  • 7 July 2017

Compilation of the month

Preditah 'Fabriclive 92' (fabric)

Preditah has enjoyed a whirlwind five years since debuting at Fabric back in 2012, but remains one of grime’s most sought-after producers. Having broken through as a grime beat-making protege, he’s been tapped for countless beats and remixes by numerous majors, though his DJ sets have always been rooted in grime, garage and the culture of his home city, Birmingham. Here, in the biggest statement mix of his career, he mixes 32 tracks at breakneck speed, with exclusives from DJ Q and C4 and some of his own cuts, including a dynamite ‘Evil’ VIP version of ‘Circles’. There’s not much time to catch your breath, but that’s exactly the point – blink and you’ll miss it. Peak moments include the ‘Fruit Burst’ into ‘Topper Top’ blend, as well as Bassboy’s ‘Exotic Juice’ and Solo 45’s club smash ‘Feed ‘Em To The Lions’.


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