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January: Six artists you need to check out this month

New year, new music

  • Words: Alex Green, Marc Rowlands, Kamila Rymajdo, Charlie Case, Michael Lawson, Kristan J Caryl
  • 19 January 2018
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Wes Baggaley

The underground house that vinyl obsessive Wes Baggaley favours is at odds with Manchester’s gay scene where he cut his teeth as a DJ. After playing as part of Block9’s 2016 team, gigs at Horse Meat Disco, Your Love, Trough, Handsome, Secretsundaze and Dalston Superstore followed, and with Prosumer, Dan Beaumont, Midland and Gideön he’s reclaiming underground clubbing as part of gay culture’s heritage. He recently helmed a week-long Rinse FM residency, and toured Europe with Prosumer.

Wes Baggaley plays regularly on Rinse FM

[Photo: Richard Cameron]

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