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In Session

In Session: Young Male

Time to fly

  • Words: Louis Anderson-Rich | Image: aboycalled7daysisaweekend
  • 4 August 2017

We’ve become big fans of the techno spread that Young Male, aka Quinn Taylor, lays out. It's sometimes minimal, often stomping and always prime for the dancefloor. To put it simply, the New York native turns out music that has character in a genre that has its fair share of plastic copycats.

His first release, the dark and sinister 'All R' EP, which launched his White Material label with DJ Richard, quickly stirred up a buzz when it came out in 2013, partly thanks to its minimal sounds reminiscent of Detroit's halcyon days.

Since ‘All R’, Taylor has been selective of what he’s released, taking a three-year break between his ‘Lost My E’ EP on Work Them Records in 2013 and his return to White Material with ‘Hot For Destiny And The Street’ last year. The break proved fruitful, though, with Taylor dropping his debut album ‘How To Disappear In America’, a leaping departure from his usual output that explored synth-tinged ambient and downtempo music.

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