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In Session

In Session: Mr Mitch

Slick, soulful club sounds

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 20 April 2017

Mr Mitch, aka Miles Mitchell, is a seminal figure shaping the grime game, one instrumental at a time.

Unlike the often formulaic restrictions of garage or dubstep, the hybrid qualities of grime mean new sounds can evolve as fluidly as the genre itself. Today, its softer side ebbs and flows from the constructions of club and reimagines the possibilities of a 140 bpm cut, pushing it into something equally delicate and cutting. It's this approach that underpins his distinct sweet-boy sound, with a self-assurance that comes with being one of the best in the scene.

As grime continues its rightful insurgence into the charts and out from the underground, a new wave of producers and selectors are following on from the example set by Mr Mitch and the stylised visions of cityscape reflection he’s built his foundations upon. Exploring new avenues beyond the boundaries of the genre as it mutates and shifts into a whole new territory of weight-shifting production.

Take Boxed, the celebrated London club night and radio show he co-helms alongside Logos, Oil Gang and Slackk, which has created a party space for experimental bass offerings – without the need for an MC. Or just look at his own imprint Gobstopper Records. Launched back in 2010, he’s been at the forefront of a musical movement and has welcomed the likes of Dark0, Tarquin and Loom to the label with their similar instrumental inspirations.

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