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The 15 best IDM tracks according to Plaid

A list of "attractively awkward" IDM tracks by Plaid

  • Plaid
  • 28 February 2020

We’ve never met anyone who likes or uses the term IDM but it seems to have become a recognised genre type anyway. It’s a way of classifying a type of electronic dance music that has ‘experimental’ elements.

This is a selection of 15 of our favourites at the moment, some classics, some obscurities, mostly representing the more melodic-glitch side. We could probably do a top 1500 as we have 30 years of music to pick from but here are a few to remember.

Aphex Twin 'Tha'

This is such a perfect, tender little melody in a hazy soup.

Arovane 'Thaem Nue'

We’ve grown up with Arovane and the very particular tunes and crunches of his style.

Autechre 'Second Peng'

Pretty much the innovative leaders in experimental dance music, the mood and low mix is science fiction esque.

Autechre 'Cfern'

That kind of rolling funk and design no one else can do as well as Autechre.

Boards Of Canada '1969'

Almost the archetypal BOC signatures.

Bola 'Forcasa 3'

It’s a simple beauty.

Brothomstates 'Mdrmx'

We’ll never forget this minimal wonder from Lassi Nikko.

EOG 'Solid Liquid'

Elements Of Grief from '99 but very far ahead.

Kyoka 'Rot Neu'

A more recent but special track.

Mira calix 'Sparrow'

Another Warp definer.

o9 'Terminal Red'

The album this is from is very good and original, it's aged very well.

Phako 'Fenisch'

Somehow related to EOG, attractively awkward.

Prhizzm 'I Miss You Already'

On the Benbecula label.

Squarepusher 'Do You Nnow Squarepusher'

Obviously. Frenetic but blends it all so well.

Zavoloka 'Po dolynah'

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