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"It's good to have no rules": How TQD made comeback track 'There 4 U'

TQD's first single in five years is sending clubs and festivals into a frenzy

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 26 August 2022

What was it like getting back in the studio together for your first release in five years?

It was great! Being able to be in the same place at once is always a bonus. We have learned to adapt to everyone’s schedules and locations before while working, but nothing beats being able to mix it up together.

How has the TQD sound that you combine to create evolved since your last release?

We’ve all evolved in our own ways and ventured into different territories throughout the years, we always want to reflect this when we combine so things can sound as fresh and unique as possible.

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What inspirations went into the making of ‘There 4 U’?

We really wanted to come back with a bang. Festival season was coming so we had to bring something big and with lots of energy to match it.

How does working together differ when you’re making solo tracks?

It’s always a wild ride, ideas are always flowing and everyone surprises each other with a new direction to a track each time we work. We all trust each other's thoughts, intentions and inspirations, but it’s also good to have no rules too, which we might find when working individually.

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What equipment did you use and how did that influence the sound?

We got working with a lot of old and new synths/hardware in Devon Analogue Studio and Strongroom (pictured) in London. Sometimes the sound of hardware cannot be beaten.

How has it been going down in the clubs?

Everything has been super positive so far. It’s sent crowds in a frenzy each time we’ve played it which was the intention. We can’t wait to give it it’s first play from us to other clubs and festivals around the world too!

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