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Sun, sea and comedowns: How to stay sane in Ibiza

It isn't as easy as it looks...

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 19 June 2017
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Planning where to stay is the first step. Finding a spot away from the heaving hub of clubland can be a prime location for dividing your time between the chaos of the dancefloor and respite of relaxation. Joris Voorn recommends the middle to north area of the Island: “It's a bit more quiet, you can easily avoid the clubs, and there's some really nice restaurants as well,” he says. For the best view of Ibiza’s famous and revitalising sunsets each night, Enzo Siragusa asserts there’s no place like Cala Vadella on the west side. “I love having a nice sunset view. Watching that sunset chills me out and resets my mind. I always stay on that side of the island,” says the FUSE founder. Stacey Pullen prefers to be closer to the action, and favours the Old Town. ”It has a nice community feeling, and it's usually quiet during the day time as they have siestas. I hear the clink of restaurant plates and people talking than anything else,” he says.

Once settled into digs, getting into the zone to play to thousands of people can be an important pre-club activity, and many DJs have their rituals. For Richy Ahmed, it’s all about focus of the mind. “This might sound a bit cosmic but I do a little bit of visualisation before I go on, a bit of mantra. I visualise the scene, what the set might be like, the records I’m going to play and the people that will be surrounding me. I think of the positive energy I want to bring to the set and I do it every time before I play. It really settles me,” he says.

Enzo Siragusa overcomes sleep deprivation with the help of meditation, having learned how to induce trance-like states from a hypnotherapist friend. “If you get your body into a deep enough state, even 20 minutes can make you feel really rested,” he says. “You still need that sleep, it's not a substitute. You couldn't do a whole summer or you'd end up looking like Night Of The Living Dead. But it does help cope with sleep deprivation.”

Stacey Pullen and D’Julz overcome fatigue from travelling or recent shows with a dose of physical activity. “I'm sitting down on airplanes, sitting in the studio, sitting in taxis, sitting in hotels, airports. All I do man is sit down! So I have to sweat out all of those toxins and frustrating sitting moments,” Pullen says, who works out three to four days a week and makes easy access to a gym his number one priority in Ibiza. D’Julz prefers a dip in the Mediterranean. “One thing I love to do to put me in the mood before Circoloco is go to the beach for an hour and have a swim. It's very hard for me to go to Ibiza and not enjoy the ocean,” the Bass Culture boss says. “It removes the stress of the travelling and puts me in the right mood.”

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