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8 DJs tell us how they stay sane on tour

Skream, Heidi and more on keeping a positive mindset

  • Words: Dave Turner | Illustration: Eliot Wyatt
  • 18 November 2016
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1 tINI

"Every weekend is different so it's hard to have any sort of routine in my life. I try to go to the gym whenever there is one in the hotel and sleep as much as possible - that's one of the most important things when on the road. Each weekend requires a different kind of preparation as there's different music. I tour with my tour manager Roberto who combines as a best friend and takes care of the little details. He's been with me about three years now and I take him everywhere. Life on the road gets lonely sometimes so it's awesome to have company. On the work side, he does the soundcheck and helps me with checking in and things like that. On a personal side, just providing me with company and being there. Happiness is only real when it's shared, so being in South America, seeing amazing things and not having to see them alone is also amazing. I have my best friend with me."

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