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HAAi's brilliant style secrets

We caught up with Phonox resident HAAi at Oasis Festival to find out her style commandments

  • Interview: Sean Griffiths | Photography: Alec Donnell at Ded Agency
  • 31 October 2017

I’m having a bit of an orange moment right now. I tend to get really excited about one particular colour for a little while. It used to be powder pink but now I’m into orange. It’s a bit tougher than pink. I generally start with one block colour and then work everything around that. I used to be in a band called Dark Bells and it definitely made me think more about style. You have to coordinate. We were shoe-gazey and psychedelic and I had a really 70s look back then. A lot of velvet suits.

I got these trousers in Tel Aviv. I was on my way to play a show and bought them from a guy selling second-hand clothes on the street. I think they might be kids’. I usually wear Dr Martens, but I forgot to bring them so had to go to the market in Marrakech and buy these. I’m kind of into them now. They look a little like a golf shoe but they’re easy to slip off by the pool.

I found this watch in a house I moved into 12 or 13 years ago. It’s a Breitling but I’m quite sure it’s fake. I really like how chunky it is. I got in the pool with it yesterday and it stopped working. I’m praying it’ll come back to life!

I really like nice tailored trousers and I go to a place in Dalston called Man Apparel. The guy’s an old Italian tailor and he makes trousers to fit for £15. I’ve bought them in all different colours. I walked past the other day and it looked like it might be shutting, which would be such a shame! I think I might be one of their few customers. I’m very much a tomboy. I used to ride Motocross so I’d just wear clothes that represented that.

I’m definitely a shoe person rather than a trainer person. I wear sneakers for running but I wouldn’t wear them to the club.

A really good friend of mine made the chain I’m wearing. His name’s Matt Weston and he designed it for All Saints; he runs his own jewellery company now called Union Foundry. The chain and the watch balance each other out.

I went through a phase when streetwear came in which I’d rather not look back on. I wore a lot of Ecko Unltd. I grew up in a port town near Sydney where everyone was throwing stuff out but no- one really wanted to buy it, so I got a lot of great things from charity shops. Now people from the city go there on the weekend and clean up.

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