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A beginner's guide to Tel Aviv nightlife

Top eats and dancefloors to explore

  • Shlomi Mintz
  • 8 October 2019

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities in the world, in terms of nightlife. Home of esteemed talents like Guy Gerber, Red Axes and Guy Mantzur and most recently, the first and newest iteration of Damian Lazarus' beloved Day Zero experience, it's no surprise that it's a dynamic city with a rich history of culture and appreciation for music. Tel Aviv attracts people from all over the globe, who come to explore the fresh, ever-evolving culture... especially at night, with vibrant energy brought to life by beautiful lights and blazing speakers.

Whether you’re new to the scene or just exploring uncharted territory, you deserve to experience Tel Aviv’s nightlife in all its glory. Ahead of Day Zero Masada, taking place on September 27, here are some tips to help you get on the right track.

The Block

The Block is the king of kings when it comes to nightlife in Tel Aviv. The venue has a custom made analog sound system inspired by the OG New York clubs, so you know you’re at a sacred place that really values the overall experience of dance music. We’ve seen some crazy acts here like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Dixon, Ellen Allien, and the list goes on! Crazy place with great people.

[The Block photo credit: Tomer Appelbaum]

Alphabet Club

One thing I think is really great about Tel Aviv that not many people know, is that it has a highly supportive community and a vibrant abundance of local artists. That’s why one of my favorite places is the Alphabet Club. The club has three different rooms each with their own unique and intoxicating vibes and great music mixed by local DJs. All you have to do here is say goodbye to the restraints of society and dance the night away. And that’s what dance music is all about, isn’t it?

[Photo credit: The Alphabet]

Breakfast Club

If you’re wanting to go out in traditional after-hours fashion, the Breakfast Club is the ultimate summit to reach. With dark, booming beats and wild, relentless crowd on the menu, you’re served nothing short of a delectable experience soundtracked by quality local talent. We’ve had some nights that became marathons where we always ended up at the Breakfast!

​Haoman 17

Haoman 17 is a classic destination that guarantees a solid night out. It’s a space that has dominated the Tel Aviv nightlife scene for over a decade. Since it’s typically where a lot of our international favorites perform, coming here is always a special treat. It’s also nestled in the Florentin neighborhood, which is a super cool, vibrant and young part of the city.

[Photo credit: Tomer Appelbaum]


Clearly, Tel Aviv is nowhere near Hawaii, which makes it extra fun to get a taste of the tropical vibes at Honolulu, Israel's first tiki bar, in the middle of the city. The bartenders are fantastic and the bar offers over 100 types of rum, with nearly the same amount of specialty cocktails to choose from. My advice? Do a taste test - order several types of rum shots and try them all. I can't guarantee you'll remember much... but the rum is guaranteed to be delicious, and the vibes will be high!

Kab Kem

Kab Kem is a Thai-inspired restaurant with an exotic ambience and cool bar that offers one of the best cocktails in Tel Aviv. The Sabai Sabai is two types of rum shaken with a homemade syrup of cloves, cardamom, chili, pineapple juice and lime. Sweet and spicy. Yum!

Besides the food and drinks, Kab Kem is also dependable for its resident DJs, who always deliver great music to help kick start your night.

Agadir Burger Bar

Everybody needs a good burger joint in their lives. Enter Agadir Burger Bar, which not only has a huge selection of toppings to choose from, but is also a traditional Israeli joint. There's no question it's a popular choice, seeing as they have over 10 locations around the country. The best spot in Tel Aviv is located near the beach on Ben Yehuda Street. After a day spent down by the water, it's a treat to grab a bite and beer.


If you’re looking for a great place in Tel Aviv to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, Emesh is the way to go. The head chef Ortal Rosenberg is a true culinary artist. Emesh represented the way we value raw creativity, authenticity and culture, which vibrates all across the city. Places like this make us proud to be a Tel Avivian.


Summer nights spent at Kanta are the best. The patio is nice and cool, and the food is fantastic as well. A couple of orders of beef carpaccio and several cocktails later... it's the beginning of a good night ahead. The venue used to be part of the zoo before transforming into a club. Maybe that's why the energy here is so wild!


Atlanta has the best hip hop music in all of Tel Aviv, hands down. They’ve created an environment that’s so great to be around when in the mood for 8-tracks. Even if it's not the typical sound you listen to, if you're in a good mood and open to experiencing a different type of dancefloor, Atlanta is definitely a spot to check out.


Rubi is a classic spot that opened in 2012 and has become one of the best mini-clubs in Tel Aviv. Nights spent partying here usually don't end until the next day. The crowd is always filled with beautiful people dancing away, radiating good energy and vibes.

Find information and grab tickets for Day Zero Masada, happening on September 27, here.

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