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Get to know rRoxymore

The French producer with a brilliantly odd take on house and techno

  • Dave Turner
  • 25 November 2016

Get rRoxymore talking about the current state of dance music and she certainly pulls no punches.

“I don’t want to play the card that dance music was better back in the old days,” she tells us. “But instead of bringing in new elements or challenging how house and techno should be made in 2016, I feel a lot of producers are looking back at how it used to be made.”

She understands why some may be playing it safe. After all, electronic music is now worth $7.1 billion on a global scale, but her latest release on London label Don’t Be Afraid is evidence that she’s, well, not afraid to experiment. Lead track ‘Organ Smith’ is the 36-year-old’s most fun yet. It’s proper, hyperactive house loaded with a fast-moving see-saw of organs and an irresistibly playful feel. “I try not to choose the easy path. I always try to be surprising in what I’m using,” she says.

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