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Get to know Roza Terenzi, the Melbourne scene figurehead specialising in warehouse-ready euphoria

Melding breakbeat and electro into ecstatic techno tracks and sets

  • Christian Eede
  • 12 June 2018

Relocating to Melbourne from her home city of Perth two years ago signified a fresh start for Roza Terenzi. Having spent five or so years experimenting and making tracks under the alias of Catlips, the producer, real name Katie Campbell, felt that she had found her sound and decided a change of alias was in order.

“It felt right to have a distinction between the time before and where I am now,” she says. “In the five years before, the music I made was a document of me learning how to produce.”

Campbell traces her interest in dance music back to her father. Primarily a reggae drummer, he also produced dub-influenced electronic music in the 90s. Having experienced it first-hand and with a background in jazz guitar, after leaving school Campbell enrolled on a music technology course and started delving into the history of the music she was studying. “I was quite surprised by how many unsung women were involved,” she says. Discovering the work of Fiorella Terenzi, an Italian-born astrophysicist who made music from recordings from distant galaxies, she changed her name in homage.

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