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Get to know Niña Dioz, the rapper on the cusp of international recognition

The Mexican fuses tight flows and lively, melodic beats

  • Words: Daniel Kohn
  • 2 June 2017

Since she emerged over a decade ago, Mexican rapper Niña Dioz’s relentless grinding has built her a fanbase far beyond her homeland.

Raised in a conservative family, the 31-year-old, born Carla Reyna, came out as gay when she was 15. While she was conscious of not becoming known as ‘the gay rapper’, it did help her develop the fortitude to stand out in the notoriously machismo underground Monterrey scene.

“I was the only woman showing up to perform,” she tells us over the phone following an early morning CrossFit session. “They were super-tough guys and I was out of place.”

Over the years, her sound has evolved to blend deep-rooted urban beats with elements of trap, while maintaining an acid-tongued flair that’s reflected in her smooth rhymes and introspective lyrics.

Though she’d sometimes hear murmurs about her sexuality and talents, Dioz didn’t let the naysayers faze her, quickly rising above the culture that dominated Mexican hip hop.

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