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Five reasons why Ricardo Villalobos is still king

The hate is unjustified and here's why

  • Funster
  • 13 July 2015
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4 He's inspired some of the biggest DJs and his contribution to the scene is invaluable

It's all well and good for a DJ to provide an amazing set when you go and see them play, but for their sets to be so mesmerising that they influence your sound as an artist, that's rare. Villalobos has been been dazzling crowds for decades and until you've seen him a few times, you may not see the attraction.

In our recent cover feature with Jamie Jones, the Hot Creations world-conquerer claimed that seeing Ricardo on the terrace at Amnesia for Cocoon in 2005, was a life-changing experience.

"I knew that the music Ricardo was playing was not new. He twisted house and techno in the way that I have never seen before – and still haven't seen to this day."

Alongside Damian Lazarus, he was blown away by Ricardo's track-selection, stamina and stage presence. Read the full feature here.

Also his releases and work with Cocoon and Perlon, two of the best techno and tech-house labels in the world has not only brought us some amazing tracks but has also heralded a new wave of artists to the forefront.

5 He doesn't give a fuck

The fact that people didn't like Ricardo's set at Cocoon In The Park is testament to the musical legacy he will leave. Even in a peak-time slot, he challenges the audience, he plays tracks that are going to make you stop and think and while this isn't for everyone's tastes, it doesn't matter, it's Villalobos.

He's been breaking down barriers and warping minds since he started and he's not going to stop anytime soon. Maybe putting him in-between Coxy and Sven was a bad idea but that was never going to affect what he played.

His career is a phenomenon and although it's one that's not widely understood, it's one that has stood the test of time. We salute you Ricardo for all your weird tracks, your dreamy interludes, your hit-and-miss days, your dancing, your hair flicks, your song-selection, your marathon sets and most of all, the fact you just don't give a fuck.

[Lead Photo Credit: Jos Kottmann]

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