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Five big-room bangers to get you psyched up for Creamfields

We've picked out some right stompers to get you in the mood for Creamfields

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 10 August 2015

August, the month of raging sun, the Leo starsign and of course Creamfields, where thousands of ravers flock to Cheshire for a weekend of EDM, mud and very-little sleep.

We're heading to Daresbury with Smirnoff House to bring you some wicked sets so here's some big room bangers to get you ready and suitably psyched up.

1 The Chemical Brothers 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted'

Brand new album, brand new live show, brand new experience. No-one does 'festival spectacle' like The Chemical Brothers and this year will be their biggest yet. This is one of their new ones, approach with caution

2 Kölsch 'Der Alte'

We love a bit of Kölsch. The German gracefully manages to create a giant, big-room sound without going down the EDM route. No cheese here, just straight up, hands-in-the-air electronic music. 'Der Alte' is one of his best, most-euphoric to date. Beast

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