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Ten breathtaking festival locations

Dance music with a view

  • Rob McCallum
  • 30 July 2015
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10 Magnetic Fields, Rajasthan

Magnetic Fields Rajasthan, India

Magentic Fields is set in a 17 th Century palace that is now used as the decadent Alsisar Mahal hotel in Rajasthan, India. The venue is a series of elaborately paved courtyards, lush gardens and luxury pools which the festival use as the backdrop to their elaborate stage set-ups.

From secret parties on rooftops soundtracked by artists from the vibrant Indian underground, through stargazing workshops and sunset kite flying, the festival is a culturally immersive experience amidst the Rajasthani desert.

Last year, acid house originator Charanjit Singh played – before passing away at the age of 75 in July ­– alongside the likes of Robert Koch and Shiva Soundsystem. Attendees can also opt to either stay in a palace suite, or the Bedouin Tent Village, home only to luxury tents. No repeat of a weekend spent in the dodgy £20 two-man pop up you forever regret buying here.

Magnetic Fields takes place in mid December