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Croatia festivals: everything you need to know

Insider knowledge on the main festival sites

  • Words: Ally Byers | Pictures: Dino Ninkovic and
  • 27 June 2016
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[Image above: Hideout Festival]


Site of Outlook, Dimensions, Sea Splash

We recommend camping at these festivals. The campsite’s set deep in the forest, has a big on-site complex of shops and bars, and two beaches, one of which plays music all day. Buses from the festival into town are every 15 minutes during the day, but a total mystery at night. Finally the festival operates a bag search policy when you arrive – but there’s an on-site supermarket anyway.

Eat: Get into downtown Pula during the day, as you’ll get a better variety of food than found on site. Try the bars by the harbour or leading off the amphitheatre for outdoor seats and lunch deals.

Drink: The Pula festivals use tokens. So drinks, by Croatian standards, are not cheap. Pre-game is key. There’s plenty of tap water on site, so get a bucket and keep a stash of beers from the local supermarket cool for campsite drinks.

Money: You buy tokens with cash. You’re best to get this out in Pula; the few cash machines on site are sketchy, and there’s none once you’re at the festival itself.

Local knowledge: The Pula festivals have some of the best boat parties in the business so make sure you snag one. The place also has a lot of undercover cops, so party wisely.

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