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EU referendum: can't do without you?

To stay, or not to stay?

  • Ian McQuaid
  • 7 June 2016
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7. Production gear could drop in price

And now the good news! Just as most vinyl is pressed on the continent, most tech hardware is manufactured outside of Europe. Pioneer, Native Instruments and Apple all use factories in India and Asia to put together their products. If there was a change in trading tariffs established between Britain and, say, China, there could be a drop in the price of some of those high-end goods. Potentially, anyone who’s ever lusted after a set of DVJ-1000s (currently over £3k for a pair) could be a little bit closer to realising the dream.

8. No-one has actually got a clue

And here’s the hard truth of the matter: no-one has really got a Scooby Doo what will happen if we vote ‘out’. Having trawled through endless documents, it’s become clear to us that the referendum is largely about two opposing groups trying to convince the other the world will end if they don’t get their way. The ‘in’ camp can at least point to how things are as evidence of how they might stay if we remain inside the EU, while the ‘out’ camp, by the very nature of what they’re trying to achieve, can’t. But for once, what happens next is entirely up to you…!

Registration for voting closes today. Head here to register