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DJ Taye

The Teklife young gun who's coming through hard

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 9 November 2015

DJ Taye's 'XTCC' is the footwork tune of the year.

Produced with fellow Chi Town young gun DJ Earl, it layers an ice cold Kym Mazelle vocal sample ("there's a void where there should be ecstasy") over a deep, throbbing bassline. Minimal but incredibly intense, it's become a scene anthem and not least because it sounds totally delicious on a club system.

Of course, you could argue that the DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad (RIP) and Danny Brown collab 'Dubby' is the footwork banger of '15 but that'd be the obvious track to pick. Teklife elder Spinn obviously has the hits locked and loaded (see also Jessy Lanza's 'You Never Show Your Love', co-produced by he and Taso) but this the Chicago crew's younger heads are coming through hard, 'XTCC' being a prime example.

It was released on October 16 as part of the 'Break It Down' EP on Hyperdub, which also features collabs with Teklife's DJ Paypal, DJ Manny and Tripletrain. The four-tracker is a fantastic example of the energy and versatility of footwork and is also a personal milestone for Taye: it's his first ever vinyl release.

Taye's been rising for a hot minute. Back in February he dropped the explosive 'Neutrino' (with Zora Jones) which was swiftly followed by a fizzy VIP version. In 2014 he made solid contributions to the Teklife squad compilation 'Next Life' (he featured on three tracks, a highlight being another DJ Earl collab 'Wurkinn Da Bass') as well as nailing a spot on the Hyperdub '10.1' comp. And footwork fiends will know that he's been self releasing since 2012, making his recent output all the more standout and important.

The tunes are backed with frenetic DJ sets: Taye blistered the Funktion-One during a high octane hour at Corsica Studios in London this summer and in autumn last year, he kept the main room at Unsound going well in to the dawn with sublime 160bpm selections.

The Windy City native was first introduced to the sound in 2007, aged 13. Three years later he was officially welcomed to the Teklife squad. Five years down the line and he's one of the many bright lights in a bustling, talented crew.

His In Session mix is rammed with freshly-released tracks and straight-up exclusives. Basically all of the Taye beats mentioned above are included along with head spinners we've never heard before (check the three-track sequence 'Give It To Me Baby', 'She Thirsty' and 'Wanna Party' for full power vibes).

Bang this one loud.

'Break It Down' is out now via Hyperdub

Download (right click & save)

A.Fruit - I Miss You (DJ Taye x Taso VIP)

DJ Earl - Let Me Hit It
DJ Taye - Roll Somethin'
DJ Manny - Drop it
DJ Taye x Taso - Smokin
DJ Manny - Fye It Up
DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - She Gonna Go
DJ Rashad, Spinn, Taso - She A Go
DJ Taye - Hood Twins
DJ Taye feat. DJ Earl - Break It Down
DJ Taye feat. Taso - TruSelf
DJ Rashad - Back That A** Up
DJ Paypal - Ladies Night
DJ Paypal, DJ Taye, Nangdo - On A Cloud
DJ Taye - Teklife Run It
DJ Manny - Killin Ya
DJ Taye & DJ Earl - Killin' My Vibe
DJ Manny & DJ Taye - Relax Yourself
DJ Earl, Taye, Paypal - Give It To Me Baby
DJ Taye - She Thirsty
DJ Taye - Wanna Party
DJ Rashad, Spinn, Danny Brown - Dubby
DJ Taye - Levanto
DJ Rashad - Lasers
DJ Taye & DJ Earl - XTCC
DJ Taye & Manny - Stay Woke
DJ Taye - Shake a Lil Faster
DJ Rashad - Let It Go
DJ Earl & DJ Taye - PPG
DJ Earl & DJ Taye - Wurkin Da Bass
DJ Earl - Future Kush Riddims
DJ Taye & DJ Earl - Knowledge
DJ Taye & DJ Earl - Go 2 Sleep
DJ Taye - Wantcha
DJ Taye x Taso - About U VIP
DJ Manny - Good Feelin' Yea
DJ Earl, Manny, Taye - SlickShoota Indianshxt Remix
DJ Earl - Get Busy
DJ Earl, Rashad, Taye - Bumbaklot
DJ Manny - Unreleased
DJ Taye - Sunrise '15
DJ Taye - Get Down'

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