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Drum 'N' Bass

December: 10 drum 'n' bass releases you need to hear this month

LSB, Current Value, Commix and more

  • Ewen Cook
  • 29 November 2016
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Tune of the month

Ulterior Motive 'Longshot' (Xtrah remix) (Metalheadz)

Yes, Ulterior Motive’s ‘The Fourth Wall’ remix EP includes Break rough-housing the unforgettable ‘Keep it Moving’. Yes, it has the incendiary ‘Inta National Sound’ VIP. And yes, it has a truckload more besides. But find us a sleeker tech-roller gem than Xtrah’s masterful fix-up and we’ll torch our raving shoes on the spot: perfectly weighted featherlight snares, fine-grained synths and oceans of space generating a whipping pace that never feels busy. Savour it.


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