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7 tracks that made Circoloco's opening the most exhilarating yet

We’re in Ibiza, it’s summer, it's time for DC-10

  • Words: Patrick Hinton | Photo: Phrank
  • 25 May 2017

Ibiza Airport is a wasteland when we arrive on Monday morning. A cleaners’ strike has plunged the building into filthy disorder, with overflowing bins spilling across sticky floors. It resembles the sight of a club dancefloor post-closing, when all the crowds have departed the building and left the sizable traces of a heavy session. Not the most pleasant introduction, and yet somehow fitting to the chaotic spirit of the island. While most of the White Isle’s dancefloors are currently in the most pristine state they’ll see for months, the Circoloco opening party tonight marks the launch of another debauched summer season that will serve up plenty of opportunities to get down and dirty, in more ways than one.

Anticipation crackles in the air on the approach to DC-10. “I can hear it!” a roadside voice calls out excitedly as the weight of sound escaping the enclosed area begins to seep out and be felt within bodies and ears. In the queue, voices babble eagerly, planes fly low overhead and add a mechanical growl to the hubbub. Feet shuffle forward, slowly but surely filing into one of Ibiza’s best-loved spots for the first time this year, aside from the odd rejection of a punter who has peaked too early, curtailing their night before its begun.

And then suddenly we’re in, getting swept up instantly in a current of exhilarating club vibes and not breaking out for the remainder of the party. Check out the tracks that kicked the Ibiza season into action below.

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